Vox vs Bad Cat amps – Try both at Music City Rehearsal!

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Guitarists and amp nerds! If you've been in the market for a new, sleek professional-sounding amp, or just want to hear your guitar sing through one, we've got a righteous catalog backlining our premium studios. We've constantly working to keep our gear top-of-the-line and are proud to showcase Vox amps in studios 2 and 10, and Bad Cat amps in studios 6 and 18.

Studio 2

Studios 2 and 10 each feature a Vox AC30C2 and AC15C1, the twin and single-speaker re-designs of the historic Vox AC15 Custom amplifier that first coined Vox's classic tone back in 1968. Equipped with onboard tremolo, spring reverb units, and Vox's signature "Top Boost" extra gain channel, these amps are designed to recreate precisely the sound of the original AC15, which has been a staple in British rock music for decades, having been featured on tracks like "Love Me Do"  by The Beatles and Vic Flick's iconic recording of the James Bond theme. Vox's Custom series amps are known for their versatility between channels, able to create everything from a classic, chimey 60s sound to an edgy, overdriven tone.


Studios 6 and 18 feature two amps from Bad Cat's Hot Cat series, the Hot Cat 15W and 30W. Although Bad Cat is a relatively new and small company, their high quality amps have already received high praise from the professional music world: in 2004, Guitar Player Magazine placed the Hot Cat 30 in 2nd place on their list of best combo amps ever made. The Hot Cats are Bad Cat's highest gain model, boasting all-tube class A circuitry, point-to-point Teflon-coated wiring, and welded steel chassis- all custom designed and handmade from scratch in Southern California. Like the Voxes, the Hot Cat models include 2 channels: the clean channel carrying a 3-D lush and chime, that when pushed crunches like the sounds found on vintage 70's vinyl. And the 2nd channel is ultra-high gain, dripping with complex mids and tight lows when cranked to get those thick and meaty modern tones.

Book a session with us here to try out these legendary amps in one of our premium studios today. And if you like what you hear- all Vox and Bad Cat models you'll find in our studios are available for purchase, directly from Music City SF.



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