Vox – The Beatle’s Go-To Amp

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If you’ve been making guitar amps since 1957, you’re probably in the beginning stages of planning a 60th anniversary party that is well deserved.

Vox AmpsIn 1957, Vox founder Dick Denney began working with JMI to produce a long-sustaining amplifier for guitar players, which lead to the iconic AC15. As 1960’s Rock ‘n’ Roll grew, so did Vox amps, leading to the AC30/4 Twin. With the boost of a certain Fab Four touring with Vox amps, a staple in Rock ‘n’ Roll music was established.

Today Vox has several different amp series and sizes, all of which accommodate acts ranging from The Strokes to Queen. If you’re a fan of tube amps, come in and check out studios 2 or 10 here at Music City Rehearsal, both of which house an AC15 and an AC30. And more importantly, don’t forget Music City is an authorized Vox Dealer; when has it ever hurt to try before you buy?

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