Try the Single Musician Rate at Music City!

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Have you heard about Music City's special rate for single musician sessions? If you ever want to stop by and work on a drumset, practice on a keyboard, or jam on one of our amplifiers, Music City Rehearsal offers a special pricing system for people who want to work alone. Rather than reserving a room for full price, solo musicians can walk up and make use of any available room for just $10 an hour!

This discount has a few hidden benefits beyond its price; first, it stops players from being restricted to our block scheduling. Come in and start playing anytime and pay for however much time you want to play. Super simple! Second, it allows you access to some of the nicer gear that is only available in some of the more expensive studios. We already have many drummers who come down just to use our acrylic in studio 2, or guitarists who come down to try out some of our specialty amps from brands like Vox, Bad Cat, Orange, and many more.

Come try our single musician rate next time you need a place to practice!


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