Steve Smyth’s Metal Militia

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Music City is proud to host a metal workshop with Steve Smyth, lead guitarist for local thrash legends Testament and Forbidden.  Steve has been playing and teaching professionally for over 30 years both in the Bay Area and the United Kingdom.  He received his Post Masters Teaching Qualification in the UK, and has played a [...]

Steve Smyth Guitar Lessons

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Steve Smyth has been teaching professionally since 1986, a career that has evolved from being a private local instructor in the Bay Area, to a music college professor in London, where he received his Post Masters Teaching Qualification.  Steve even assisted in writing the coursework for several UK music colleges, including BIMM Brighton, ICMP London, [...]

Guitar and Bass Lessons at Music City

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Music City SF provides quality resources for working musicians in the Bay Area - including guitar lessons or bass lessons.  With influences ranging from eastern music to rock and roll, our diverse community hosts several guitar and bass instructors that will taylor lessons to your particular learning style.  Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, [...]

Voice Lessons at Music City

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Music City hosts a wide array of voice lessons from instructors with many backgrounds.  Their influences range from rock and roll to opera and are open to any level of experience and dedication. Whether you want to sound good in the shower or have professional aspirations, we have the right teachers for you. With their [...]

Discounted Daytime Sessions!

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Falling asleep at your desk? Need a lunchtime pick-me-up? Music City SF will now be offering 25% off solo walk-ins before 5:30pm! Stop by any weekday afternoon to take advantage of any of our studios for $7.50 an hour. Lunches and drummers encouraged! Josh Smith

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