SXSW 2018 Recap

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We're excited to bring you our recap of another very successful round of showcases at Austin, Texas' ever expanding SXSW 2018 festival. For the fourth consecutive year, we teamed up with Balanced Breakfast to put on 4 intensive and vibrant all day showcases. We had the pleasure of yet again hosting our first 3 days at The Jackalope, and were thrilled to add a forth additional showcase at Darwin's Pub this year.

Partnering again with Balanced Breakfast and the aforementioned venues, we connected with local Austin vibes, delivered a platter of some of the best music that the Bay Area has to offer (as well as L.A., Denver, and Seattle) and grew our bonds between the musical community away, and at home. These 4 days of non-stop musical inundation highlight exactly what Music City is all about. From the large task of coordinating with venues and setting up an entire stage at 9am, to the simple pleasure of helping a guitarist move their amp off stage, Peter Jacobsen and Austin Wasielewski were stoked to serve as roadies, media producers, and representatives of our wonderful, ideologically driven music space.

Featuring an array of favorites such as No Vacation, and new classics like Agouti - who we loved so much we even decided to highlight their song “Summertime” in our recap video - this year's showcases were an absolute hit. A big thank you goes out to all those poured out their hearts out on stage, it is for you that we do what we do! Music City Rehearsal is elated to continue bring the Bay Area waves to SxSW for many more years to come.

This year's SXSW 2018 showcase featured: Hot Flash Heat Wave • Tim Atlas • Planet Booty • No Vacation • The Fell Swoop • Transit Method • Moonray • The Urban Renewal Project• Great Highway • Kandur • The SIR Band • Shadow of Whales • Agouti • Skip Monday • CJ Storm • Louise Nalbandian • Alex Winters • William Robert • Suzy Jones • Michael Zapruder • Jan Thompson • Swamp Child • Denizens • MAAYAN • Martay • Socorra • Trishes • Obscured by Echoes • New Spell • Trace Repeat • Christina Cavazos • Shelby, Texas

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