Music City’s Trip to SxSW 2017!

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It's not often that supporting local artists requires crossing state lines, but once a year Music City makes it our mission to support the local artists who do what it takes to spend a week performing at SxSW. For the second year in a row Music City was lucky enough to help present the Balanced Breakfast San Francisco showcase at the Jackalope in Austin, TX. SxSW has organic roots in small, local showcases that take place across the city, so it's a great honor for us to be able to participate and provide a stage for San Francisco musicians to perform, interact, and grow.

Everyone Is Dirty at SxSW

SxSW has grown exponentially over the past decade; many of the small independent showcases have been replaced by large corporate installations featuring massive popular artists that somewhat overshadow the rest of the festival. Still, though, the spirit of this festival is driven by the bands who put life on hold to travel to Texas and play (for free) as many shows as they can lock down over one long weekend. What has always been most striking to me about the festival is the development you see in the musicians around you. Most artists will spread their shows at home out to avoid tiring their fans; without a residency artists tend avoid playing the same city twice in a month. For many of the bands who have trekked to SxSW, they will play more shows in a week than they will the following 6 months. It's amazing what that can do for a group's stage performance.

Over the course of 2 days we hosted 16 bay area acts, right in the middle of everything. Here's who we hosted:


         Wednesday, March 15th

    • MC Lars
    • Planet Booty
    • Everyone Is Dirty
    • Luke Sweeney
    • Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs
    • Socorra
    • Louise Nalbandian
    • Zach Freitas


Thursday, March 16th 

  • Travis Hayes
  • Before the Brave
  • Emily Afton
  • The Band Ice Cream
  • Spaceblanket
  • Christine Tence
  • Wesley Woo
  • Shelby, Texas


As one of our few opportunities to provide for local musicians outside of San Francisco, this has become something that we here at Music City look forward to every year. Hopefully we'll catch you in Austin in 2018!

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