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To our wonderful community of Musicians:

We don’t like these kind of announcements. The good news is that we’re busier than ever; we have over 1,000 musicians coming through our doors every month and helping to create the most vibrant music community in San Francisco. We’re routinely selling out of rooms because clients like YOU are keeping us alive.

Unfortunately, with so much demand for our peak sessions, we are now forced to raise prices on many of our evening and weekend blocks. In most cases, the price increase is only $5 for a three hour session, and over the past few months we’ve been making every effort to ensure our studios still represent an excellent value. Additionally, we are DROPPING prices for our daytime sessions for those who are able to jam when we are less busy.

These price changes will take place April 1st, so book as many sessions as you can this week at our old prices!

Studio Pricing

Studio Pricing

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