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Steve Smyth has been teaching professionally since 1986, a career that has evolved from being a private local instructor in the Bay Area, to a music college professor in London, where he received his Post Masters Teaching Qualification.  Steve even assisted in writing the coursework for several UK music colleges, including BIMM Brighton, ICMP London, and ACM Guildford.  He has also written and taught several Metal Workshop courses at an assortment of schools.  In addition to this, Steve was one of the first rock guitarists to develop a live internet teaching business, which he as maintained for 11 years.


Steve takes a direct approach to teaching one to one lessons, assessing a student’s goals and abilities, and designing a personalized program for them,  as well as providing email correspondence between lessons and all material used during the lesson in pdf and audio/video format.


Steve was the former lead guitarist for Vicious Rumors (1995-1999), Testament (1999-2004), Dragonlord (2000-2005), Nevermore (2002-2007), and Forbidden (2009-2012). He is  currently busy with his own band One Machine (2014-present), as well as progressive rock fusion duo The EssenEss Project (1993-present).  Steve is also STILL a member of the Bay Area’s longest running Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne tribute, Sweet Leaf (1994-present)!


A former columnist for Guitar World Magazine (co-writer of Merchants Of Menace column with Jeff Loomis across 2006), Steve has occasionally written for several sites including, and has released an instructional series of lessons on  Steve has returned to the Bay Area to teach once again, and continues to expand his resume in both the performance/recording and educational areas.

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