Session Recordings Now Offered!

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Session Recorsings

If you’re a Music City regular you’ve probably noticed the wall mounted sound boards in a select number of studios and thought “that’s a weird place for a sound board”. Close, but no cigar, pal. What we have finished installing is a way for you to capture your sessions in HD video, recorded with Shure condenser mics and direct PA input, for song/performance/improv documentation.

The Specs

  • Ceiling mounted Shure SM81 Condenser Microphones (Small Diaphragm)
  • Direct Input from PA (Additional input channels available on board)
  • HD Ceiling Camera
  • Downloadable/Shareable link via MediaFire


  • $5 per hour (let us know when to start & stop)
  • $10 for a whole session


We will upload the file to MediaFire, where you will have access to the recording forever, and can share with whoever via a link to your video.


Session recordings will provide the ability to review sessions to better performances, flesh out song ideas, and catch moments that might otherwise be lost. Studios which will provide the session recording option: 6, 10, 14, 15, and 18. If you plan to do a recording, keep these studios in mind the next time you call in or book online!


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