Sal Valentino – Music City Symposium

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Music City is thrilled to announce it’s next Symposium event, featuring world class singer and San Francisco native, Sal Valentino. Joining our distinguished list of Symposium guests, we anticipate an exciting evening of conversation, education and performance with an artist who possesses a deeply rooted connection to San Francisco and its music history.


From his humble beginnings in the clubs of North Beach, Sal Valentino has achieved an array of musical accomplishments, and his haunting voice is still one of the most recognizable in music. It’s this rich and historic voice once prompted a critic for Rolling Stone to claim: "Sal Valentino owns one of the finest voices in mid-60's Rock and Roll." Known mostly for his singing in the Beau Brummels, whom many have considered to be the initial American reaction to the British Invasion, Sal has led a fulfilled life of musical exploration. Between the Beau Brummels, his revolutionary group, Stoneground, and his more recent solo projects, Mr. Valentino has produced a broad catalogue of music which will serve as the cornerstone of the night’s discussions.

After forty plus years of singing, Sal combines his rich musical history with a brilliant ability to reach contemporary listeners and continues to expand his demographic to include a whole new generation of fans. We invite all generations and demographics to join us as we celebrate this San Francisco native and simultaneously look forward to the bright future and expansion of Music City’s educational endeavors.

Mr. Valentino will be interviewed by Artista President, Crowbar (Kurt Kangas), which will be followed by an audience Q&A, and performance shortly thereafter. Food and drink will be provided.

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