Recap: Music City Jam Night 8.14.16

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In case you missed out last Sunday, Jam Night was a great success! We were super excited to welcome some new faces and welcome back some old faces. The talented musicians who came out for Jam Night shredded it up for three hours, rotating between various instruments, and taking turns singing. All of the songs were purely improvisational, which was pretty darn impressive to watch.

The musicians who showed up blew us away with their crazy instrumental skills. We even had a violinist come down and lay down the law. We had studio 18 decked out with five guitar amps, ranging from a Bad Cat half stack to a Fender Twin Reverb. We also made sure to include two drum sets, two premium keyboards, and two bass amplifiers. The room came with three microphones as well, so that everyone's voice could be heard! We also made sure that we had a cool light show going on with our special lasers and lights.

Not only was Jam Night a roaring fun time, but musicians had the opportunity to meet and play with new faces they might not usually get the opportunity to jam with. We were beyond proud to have such killer musicians rock it last Sunday and plan to keep Jam Night a regularly occurring event here at Music City Rehearsal. Not only are musicians are guaranteed free practice time to jam with other musicians, but hefty discounts are always handed out for rooms after the session, and on your next visit to Music City Rehearsal. Why not come by and experience the crazy fun yourself?


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