Piano Instructors

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Music City aims to generate a community of working musicians by providing affordable resources- including piano lessons - to Bay Area artists.  We host several instructors who use our studios to teach a wide array of instruments, including keyboards/piano.  Their vast knowledge will help guide you through the learning process, tailoring each lesson to your individual learning style and end goals.  Whether you have professional aspirations or just want to learn something new, our instructors will help you develop your talents.  


Our facilities include 14 plug and play rooms, all equipped with drum sets, PA systems, amplifiers for bass and guitar, as well as weighted and synth style keyboards available for your use.  As a student, you can also enjoy solo walk in rates as well as a 15% discount when booking rooms for personal use via a promo code from the instructor giving you piano lessons.  If you’re not sure which instructor would be right for you, give us a call! Our on desk staff is always happy to help you find the right fit.

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