Pedal Board Rental: The Rundown

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Pedal Board

It’s time to do a deep dive into our pedal board rental, because there is a lot to unpack here. The collection features classic pedal options that are recommended and used by many professional guitar and bass players, and are likely pedals you've heard of. Playing with different pedals is a great way to explore new sounds and see how songs can be transformed.

Here is a quick overview of the pedal board:

Chromatic Tuner: The BOSS Chromatic Tuner has become the industry-standard for onstage tuners for guitarists and bassists.

Blues Driver: To avoid buying a 30 year old amplifier, the Blues Driver will provide the same creamy-crunch of an old tube amp, with whatever you’re playing through.

Noise Suppressor: The Noise Suppressor acts to eliminate unwanted noise and hum, without affecting your instrument’s tone. This will help bridge the gap between different hardware-types, and the sound you’re going for.

Equalizer: The Equalizer has an EQ range of 100hz to 6.4hz, which will be most beneficial to those of us who go heavy on the distortion and want to eliminate the feedback attributed to it. This will also help with the nitty-gritty highs and lows that need altering, much like a sound board.

Flanger: The Flanger is a classic BOSS effect pedal that gives your guitar or bass a full, air-y sound with frequency waves you can adjust. There’s no way you’ve made it this far as a musician without play a Flanger.

Distortion: Distortion itself is one of the original guitar effects, so you can imagine how crucial this pedal is to this or any pedal board. Adding a little crunch, or easily being able to take some crunch away, does a lot for sound composition.

Digital Delay: The delay can be a tricky pedal to explain in quick-words, but we usually describe it as a similar effect as turning the volume knob up and down as you play. The frequency rate can be altered, but this is an amazing pedal to create atmosphere by incorporating sound absence.

Loop Station: We will go out on a limb here and say the Loop Station is one of the most innovative tools for musicians ever made. Maybe that’s dramatic, but the ability to record 99 samples on one pedal at the very least makes a solo walk in session a new experience!

Compression Sustainer: This pedal is how loud acts can at least pretend to save their audience’s ears, while acts more on the quiet side can make sure all of the more subtle notes and sounds see the light of day. Basically, the Compression Sustainer will make everything sound better, no matter how loud or quiet you play.

Acoustic Simulator: Hate when the Martin takes up all of your studio space? Now you can use any electric and get an acoustic sound, which is great for the many guitar needs of any great power ballad.

Chorus Ensemble: This pedal will allow your notes to stretch and fill themselves out, creating a bigger atmosphere, and more ways to support your sound.  

Pedal Board price per session: $10


Individual pedal per session: $5

Pedal Board

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