Need A Venue? Rent Studio 18

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Calling all Bay Area musicians and beyond! Does your band need a place to play? Do you admire the DIY style and wish you could put on a "house show" style performance here in the city, but can't find a venue due to the noise ordinance?

Never fear! Music City has got you covered!


Studio 18 has been home to many a local as well as touring show, with great success!

In this fully back lined venue room we provide you a place to run the show with your own hand-picked acts at a fraction of the cost of the usual venues around town.

Fully-equipped with two BadCat amps, a speaker cabinet, Pearl Crystal Beat drum kit, Acoustic bass amp, two sub-woofers, two speakers, mics and a PA, your show is destined to have the sound you're looking for.


We have show bookings on Friday's and Saturday's and offer the room in two flavors:  the 5pm - 11pm session for $160, or the 8pm-11pm slot for $80.

Cover charges are welcome (it's up to you to handle cash collection) and any revenue you gain past the rental fee is of course, all yours to keep!

We will help with promotion by posting your show flyers on-site here at the studio, as well as putting out social media blasts to our followers.

The lounge area directly across from the room is ideal for setting up merch tables, a drink station, or just a nice place to mix and mingle with fellow musicians and fans while resting those saturated eardrums.


If this sounds like what you're looking for, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch shortly! **Prices subject to change**

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