Music City Needs Instructors! Come Teach Here

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Music instructors. Everyone who has ever played instrument has known one, learned from one, or been one, so they're pretty great. Here at Music City, we like them quite a bit. And frankly, we want more of them. Many, many more.

Music City is growing like crazy. Because it's grown so much, we're creating a sustainable music program that lets instructors take advantage of our space and resources to control and grow their businesses. Resources like:

  • Unlimited use of the studios so you can teach your lessons.
  • Discount codes for students to gain cheaper access to Music City’s facilities so they can practice.
  • A direct point of contact through Music City’s Instructor Coordinator (that's me!).
  • Marketing on-site, on Music City’s website, through Music City’s email lists, and through Music City’s social media platform (like this!).
  • Resources for creating physical and digital marketing materials (like the featured image!).

Like I said, we love our instructors here.

Most of all, we want to avoid the kind of percentage-based payment system that lots of studios and facilities incorporate into their business models so instructors can grow their business without a rising cost of operation. No hassle, just teachers who want to teach and make money doing it without someone taking it all.

Whether you need a space to teach a few students on the weekend, looking to expand your business, or you teach full time, Music City's Instructor Program is for you.

Let's get in touch so you can become an instructor.



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