Music City Sessions: Pretty in Between

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We at Music City Rehearsal have been dealing with an underlying challenge these last many years of showcasing the incredible talent evolving behind our studio doors. We've been offering more as we grow; be it free shows, session recordings, online promotion, showcases at local venues, etc., so, back to the first problem: how do we show you off??

Last month, Music City was fortunate to bring trained videographer and Rain Songs creator Derik Smith onboard with the intention of creating the content that you all deserve. The move was to develop Music City Sessions, a monthly video premiere of a one-song live performance either in one of our studios, or off-site at one of the thousands of photogenic settings in San Francisco.

These videos will be accompanied with a blog post detailing each performer's history and relationship to Music City. You will see many familiar faces presented in a new light, and we are hoping these sessions become a tool for artistic development and a tangible presentation of our vibrant community. We will have a sign up form at the end of each blog post, and we encourage you to apply to be filmed in one of our videos!

For our inaugural session, we open with Pretty in Between; who's founding member, Austin Wasielewski, is the current manager of our Rehearsal studios. He met both drummer Kale Frank, and bassist Ryan Lee as they came in for solo walk in sessions, and the rest is history. Since their formation last year, Pretty in Between have hosted several shows and completed a live EP (to be released in June) in Studio 18, co-headlined our Winter 2017 showcase at Bottom of the Hill, and are now spearheading more showcases at local venues with other Music City bands and bring their fluidity to the city at large.

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