Mantrah – Music City Sessions

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For our next Music City Sessions video, we are stoked to bring the articulate, jazz-rock of Mantrah performing “Nevermind”. Mantrah is fronted by singer/guitarist Danny Drysdale, who is a long standing Music City team member. On top of his Community Liaison role, Danny also plays bass in the band Mint, and runs Simple Folk, which is a collective of musicians, artists, and creatives. Mantrah is rounded out by guitarist Jeff Salucci, bassist Sam Ziegler, and drummer Sam Maurer, together the four maneuver through funk, twang, and San Francisco’s vice taxes.

“Mantrah is a funky group of delinquents from San Francisco, CA. Their music is a crock pot fusion of funk, psychedelic rock, jazz, and pop, following in the footsteps of iconic 70's pop artists such as Steely Dan.” - Mantrah

Enjoy this Sessions video, which was shot in Studio 10, and keep your eyes peeled for the band's first EP!

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