Justin Cooke – Bass Instructor

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Justin Cooke

I'm Justin Cooke, bass instructor here at Music City San Francisco. I began playing bass at 10 years old in my home state of New Jersey, after hearing the riff to Pink Floyd's "Money" on the radio.

I've played bass in many different musical projects, from marching bands to church and rock bands, all the while pursuing my own musical projects. I have taken college level music theory courses and have experience playing jazz, punk, ska, funk, pop, hip hop, Latin, reggae, progressive rock, thrash metal, and classic rock. I decided to follow my bass heroes, Les Claypool of Primus and Jeff Hughell of Brain Drill/Six Feet Under, and move to the Bay Area to pursue a career in music. Here in the Bay I have had the pleasure of playing with talented musicians such as Willie Sparks (Sly and the Family Stone, Graham Central Station) and Eric McFadden (Eric Burdon and the Animals, George Clinton, Les Claypool)

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IG: @cookeonbass

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