July 10th Battle of The Band’s Wrap-Up

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Our Battle of the Bands series at Music City has been running now for almost a year and a half.

The series started with a 250 dollar cash prize, open ballot voting and a slew bands from all corners of the Bay Area. The nights were hot and sweaty the halls were filled with sounds from underground talent.  There was an air to those nights that complete mayhem could erupt at any moment.

While maintaining the sensibilities of a good party, (plenty of food, booze and good company) We have shifted our event to a 5 judge panel of industry professionals, a streamlined bill of hand selected artists that are serious about their sound, and have upped the ante on our prizes, ( The most recent being a slot in Culture Collide's SF Festival)   As we continue to grow and change we are always mindful that at the heart of every good Showcase or BOTB’s that we present it's really about the music, the artists, and the community of musicians in San Francisco.

The one thing that all of our showcases and Battles have had in common is the high level of raw creative energy.  Throughout all of the events the performers have always delivered their best work and Friday July 10th was no exception.

Unlikely Heroes was  the winner of the July 10th 2015 Battle. They lit up the stage at the end of the night.  The room was primed from the previous performances, and when the band hit the stage the room ignited.  PhenoMENON lead his band through hard rocking hip hop tracks reminiscent of Talib Kwali’s lyrical flow and Cypress Hill’s rock/metal edge.

IMG_3636 IMG_3562

Late Night District was the runner-up. Their music has a powerful rock-based sound that demands the attention of the audience. With elements of grunge and punk rock and good ol’ rock n’ roll this is a new band that deserves to be listened to. Mark Shriver, the bands front man delivers powerful lyrics and commands the stage with his heavy guitar playing. These San Jose cats have a great sound and energy about them and we’re looking forward to hearing their new material.

IMG_3517 IMG_3544

The third place finisher was new band to the scene who is making waves all around San Francisco and they haven’t even dropped their premiere EP. Their name is Your Fearless Leader.  With Marcus leading the band with his rock and club fx vocals style and shredding guitar YFL pushes the psychedelic bend with a driving violin and sweeping keyboards lines.

IMG_3498 IMG_3476

The other Bands on the bill for the night were equally talented. There was not a single moment when it seemed like the audience was bored or wanted the short 15 minute sets to end. Every performer brought a lot of talent and creativity and it was tough for the judges to decide who the top three performers would be. The Brass Animals had the audience moving with  their unique big band take on contemporary  covers.  Mano’s Linda’s entranced the audience with his solo bass performance and Blue Madrone got the party started right with their rock n roll pop performance.

IMG_3401 IMG_3470

Music City looks forward to providing the musicians of San Francisco different platforms to communicate and events of which to participate in the days ahead. In a time when musicians and artists are struggling to find the time, space and money to hone their craft it has become even more crucial for us to provide a facility and community that fosters the growth of The Bay Area’s contemporary artists.  With the addition of our new radio station/Show Calendar we are committed to providing local artists with innovative resources they need to take their craft to the next level.

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