Drum Lessons at Music City

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Music City aims to provide quality, affordable resources for Bay Area working musicians, including drum lessons.  We host a wide array of drum instructors offering lessons to any age, experience level, and dedication.  Whether you want to learn simple grooves or master complex techniques, we have teachers to help you find your way.  Our space consists of 14 fully equipped rooms and a vibrant community of local musicians all working towards the same goal of developing as artists.  Here are our drum instructors:

Christian Pepin

Lance Harrington

Ruben Quinones

Our unique facilities offer 14 high quality drum sets from a wide variety of brands and configurations. These will be available for your personal use at a 15% discounted rate as a student. We have special rates reserved for solo musicians looking to practice on their own, a perfect fit for a drummer at any level.  If you aren’t sure which instructor is the best fit for you, give us a call! A member of our staff will always be at our welcome desk to help you find the right fit.

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