Studio 18 – DIY Venue

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As most regulars are privy to, our large studio, Studio 18, doubles as a DIY venue for local and touring bands. The space itself is filled with a quality sound system, music equipment, karaoke and projector options, and space for up to 50 people. We’ve hosted touring bands, local heroes, reunion shows, birthday parties, karaoke parties, comedy shows - the list goes on, and we’d like to add to it!

We've recently started a Peerspace page as a way to better streamline event booking and what can be expected on both ends to ensure your event goes a great as it can without any surprises.

The specs:

Our large studio is roughly 25'x25' and includes a small stage, music equipment, and some seating. We also have a small lounge next to the room which is public space.

The space is located within a collection of 15 fully backlined music studios which are rented hourly. The hallways and public areas are shared with our other clients. We have a front desk with an attendant who is on-site and available for help with check-in and with any technical problems. We also have music equipment and accessories available for loan, rent, or sale if you have unanticipated needs for gear.

The music equipment includes:

-12-channel Soundcraft Mixing Board

-2.2 QSC Active PA System

-3 vocal microphones (extras available for $3 rental)

-5-piece Pearl Crystal Beat Drum Set

-2x Bad Cat Boutique Guitar Amplifier

-Aguilar bass amp head w/ 5-speaker cabinet

-Roland RD-800 Weighted Keyboard/Synth

For more, or any questions, check out our Peerspace , or email our event coordinator:

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