Community Board for Musicians!

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The challenge of getting all of you incredible musicians to jam with each other without breaking down any studio doors has been solved. We have a community board (located in the lobby) now specifically set up to help you find people to jam with, find bands or band members, and trade lessons amongst yourselves. The board is divided up into 3 sections: Looking to Jam/Looking to Join/Looking to Trade. We have postcards that are divided up in the same fashion, so all you have to do is fill out the applicable section on the card, and place it on the corresponding section of the board.

The first two sections are self explanatory, but the third is a little more expansive. The “Looking to Trade” section applies to anyone looking to learn a quick skill in exchange for a skill you can teach. For example, if you’re a bassist looking to learn some vocal theory, you can learn from a singer and then help them learn bass/guitar chords (Feel free to put up a few skills you’re looking to learn/teach). This is also a good section for selling/buying gear, or any other music-community related resource you’re looking for.


Community Board

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