Music City Captured: Bring your Rehearsal Home With You

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Looking for a way to encapsulate the magic of your practice sessions at Music City Rehearsal? Well look no further, for we are excited to introduce to you our in-house A/V service: Music City Captured. Whether it’s for recording the moment during impromptu jams, streaming live to your friends and fans, or for the purposes of creating a full fledge audio visual demo, Music City Captured is a unique new service which allows you to do all of the above!

Heres how it works: Using 3 state of the art, wi-fi enabled Mevo cameras and the interactive video editing service Livestream, we capture your performance in a dynamic and multi-angled video. For sound, we run 3 overhead SM81 Condenser microphones and a direct output from your mixing board into the brand new QSC Touch Mix interface. With these components, we’ve designed a cutting edge audio visual recording service that will give you the tools to present your music to our community and beyond.

Rehearsal recordings have 4 pricing options:

  • 30 min. = $25
  • 60 min. = $35
  • 60 min. + approval to stream your session to Twitch = $25
  • Solo camera option w/ no mics 60min. = $15

Session recordings will provide the ability to review sessions to better performances, flesh out song ideas, and catch moments that might otherwise be lost. Recordings are available in studios 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 14, 15, & 18, but we can only do one per rehearsal block, so be sure to call in and book it at least 2 days in advance! (415) 474-9900


*Due to staff constraints, session recordings will not be offered during the last block of the day*

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