Looking for the Best Bang for Your Buck?

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13767629_679861468828423_1748483628_nWhether you've heard about it or not, Music City Rehearsal offers the best deals in the city for the working musician. As a place run by musicians for musicians, we want to guarantee that all of our customers have the opportunity to take full advantage of our special cheap rates. Below is all you need to know to save your money and still rock out just as hard!


Solo Walk-in Rate: Available only for single musicians looking to play alone in a studio. Come in at any time and we will set you up in any 13649217_1014910931955933_1877571106_nopen studio we have available. Please note that walk-ins cannot be scheduled or booked in advance. $10/hour, or $5/hour Monday-Wednesday 11am-1pm

$5 Sessions: Set that alarm clock and get down here early. From Monday-Wednesday all of our small and medium rooms are only $5 for our 11am-1pm session. Now that's a price you can't beat! $5/2-hour session

Loyalty Cards: Each time you come in, get your card stamped. After 10 stamped sessions or walk-ins, you can get a free small or medium 13734434_1058325570918416_1671197089_nroom of your choice! Also, keep in mind that the card holds a $50 credit, so if you would like to apply that to a larger room, $50 will be deducted from the overall price.

Half-Priced Sessions: Book a room during the weekday from 1pm-3pm and get the room half priced! This applies to all of our small to premium studios.

Discounted Sessions: Come by for our 3pm-5:30pm session slot during the weekday and get any room for $10-$15 dollars off depending on the size. $10 off any small, medium, and medium deluxe studios. $15 off all premium and large studios.


Give us a call at 415-474-9900 if you have any questions!

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