Bad Cat Amplifiers: only available in SF at Music City!

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GET AMPED- Bad Cat's top of the line tube amplifiers are now available for purchase at Music City Rehearsal, and we're proud to be the only Bad Cat dealer in all of San Francisco!

If you're not familiar with Bad Cat, they're a California-based company that makes high quality, handmade, custom designed tube amps that are used by professional recording artists and players the world over. Check out some of their amps' special features:

  • All amp heads are tube powered, hand wired, point to point construction using Teflon silver wire, built and tested in the USA in Irvine, California.
  • Individually hand dipped gold-plated connectors ensure maximum signal transfer quality.
  • Custom Bourns potentiometers, USA-made hand wound transformers, chokes and tone caps, and in-house machine-etched front and rear panels are proof of commitment to excellence in craftsmanship.
  • Cabinet enclosures are constructed from 13-layer Baltic Birch plywood ensuring excellent sonic and resonance properties.
  • Speakers are custom made by Celestion of England and are only available through Bad Cat.
  • Chassis are constructed of powder coated extra heavy gauge welded aluminium.

Bad Cat Amplifiers

Getting your very own, brand new Bad Cat amp is easy- just visit Bad Cat's website here, and check out their assorted catalog, or click "Custom Shop" to design your own 100% custom amp or head/cab combo. Once you've picked out your amp, you'll be able to send your selection over to us, and we'll take care of the rest! All Bad Cat amps are made to order from scratch, and when yours arrives we'll call you to pick it up at Music City SF.

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