Introducing MCR’s Backstage Pass

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Have you ever wandered past one of our rehearsal studios and wondered, “What is going on in there?” or better yet, “How do I get in there?!” Well look no further! We are excited to introduce our new Backstage Pass system to the Music City Rehearsal studios.

As you know, the top two floors of Music City are a hotel/hostel (Called, you guessed it, Music City Hotel), who's guests are generally music fans, and who often express interest in checking out bands rehearsing in our studios. As we provide private rehearsal spaces, we cannot make the choice for you whether or not people can enter, but now you can!

If you are a band or artist interested in allowing guest acces in to your session, just flip the switch for the lightning bolt next to your studio door, and be prepared for visitors throughout your session! For a beginning musician to a seasoned band, allowing visitors to observe your session is more than just a chance to build your audience or have a fun time. It also builds valuable skills to allow you to become a better and more confident musician and performer.

By hosting these mini pop-up shows, we hope to provide an experience that can not be found anywhere else in the world: an affordable lodging accommodation in the heart of the city with free live music just a few steps below! For guests, how it works is simple. If you see that the red bolt is lit above a studio, you are welcome to come in and enjoy the music!

So what are you waiting for? Come down, grab your guest access pass, and become part of our unique musical community. Oh yeah, and DIG THE BOLT!

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