Pedal Board

Pedal Board Rental: The Rundown

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It’s time to do a deep dive into our pedal board rental, because there is a lot to unpack here. The collection features classic pedal options that are recommended and used by many professional guitar and bass players, and are likely pedals you've heard of. Playing with different pedals is a great way to explore [...]

Val Garay

Val Garay – Music City Symposium

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Music City Rehearsal is thrilled to announce it’s next Symposium featuring legendary Engineer and Producer, VAL GARAY!   San Francisco native Val Garay began his music career as a singer-songwriter, but soon after found himself working behind the scenes with the likes of The Mamas & The Papas and Buffalo Springfield. This blossomed into a [...]

Compilation Cover

Music City Compilation – Vol. 1

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Music City Rehearsal, as a part of Music City San Francisco, aims to serve the local San Francisco music scene in more ways than just rehearsal studios. With this compilation we introduce to you 14 local artists who have been heavily involved in our community projects: In-house Free Stage Series, Off-Site Showcases, Sessions videos, Twitch [...]

Mae Powell

Music City Sessions – Mae Powell

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For our next Music City Sessions video, we are stoked to bring the soft-jazz vocals of Mae Powell performing “Light Beam”. Mae Powell learned about Music City through friends rehearsing and playing shows in Studio 18. From her roommate’s comedy debut to countless rock ‘n’ roll shows to tender poetry readings, and has also played [...]

The Undercurrent

Music City Sessions – The Undercurrent

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For our next Music City Sessions video, we are stoked to bring the powerhouse-sounds of The Undercurrent performing their new single, “Washed Away”. Music City was the first San Francisco rehearsal studio Wendy ever practiced in, back in 2011 when it was Plug and Play Studios. The Undercurrent has since held many of their practices [...]