2015 Best Of The Year Staff Picks – Ben Abstrakt

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What a great year for music! With so much good music happening this year, my yearly faves playlist that I compile throughout the year grew to over 600 songs by mid-December. Starting on January 1st of each year, I create an evolving playlist with everything I've liked throughout the year, so that I can hopefully remember them all, and gives me several opportunities to re-listen to music I wasn't sure about the first time around and / or ditch something I should have sooner.

So, from the over 60 records, I narrowed it down to my top ten of 2015:


I've been creating personal faves of the year playlists on Spotify since I started using the service in 2011, but that's just an extension of the OCD sorting, listing and cataloging behavior that's followed me since I first learned about charts and lists for music while reading Spin Magazine in 1987.  When I started djing in 1994, my friends and I would keep our faves of the year records in a special section of our record crates and always make a year end mix tape. When CD burners became available, we would make tracks of the year compilations and burn them to give away, followed again by seamless mixtapes burned to CD when that technology became available. Through the days of reading magazines and talking about music with friends, it was always about what's been your favorite stuff of the year. Blogs and music sites have made this socially acceptable, and I for one, look at the accessibility to the music and artists as a great way to celebrate the best of the best.



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