Music City Needs Instructors! Come Teach Here

Music instructors. Everyone who has ever played instrument has known one, learned from one, or been one, so they're pretty great. Here at Music City, we like them quite a bit. And frankly, we want more of them. Many, many more. Music City is growing like crazy. Because it's grown so much, we're creating a [...]

Jack Sakai: Electric Guitar & Bass

Jack Sakai is a young dedicated musician who grew up in Palo Alto California. When he was 13 he picked up the guitar and started taking lessons from local instructor Michael Finley. At age 18 he graduated from Palo Alto High School and started attending Cuesta Community College in the fall. There he would study [...]

Ruben Quinones: Drums & Electric Guitar

Ruben has been playing music since 1994. He has played drums and guitar in many different bands ranging from surf, to punk, to rock, to heavy metal. He grew up in a musical family where both parents were professional singers and musicians, with dad on guitar and mom on flute. Ruben believes that music is [...]

Andrea Aragon: Mix Vocal Technique

Andrea is trained in the Mix Vocal Technique (popularly known as Speech Level Singing) which is a modern vocal technique used by over 100 Grammy-award winners such as Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson and Jennifer Hudson. This vocal technique enables singers to develop a healthy, strong, and full-range voice free of breaks, strain, and exhaustion.     By training [...]

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