Discounted Daytime Sessions!

Falling asleep at your desk? Need a lunchtime pick-me-up? Music City SF will now be offering 25% off solo walk-ins before 5:30pm! Stop by any weekday afternoon to take advantage of any of our studios for $7.50 an hour. Lunches and drummers encouraged! Josh Smith

Looking for the Best Bang for Your Buck?

Whether you've heard about it or not, Music City Rehearsal offers the best deals in the city for the working musician. As a place run by musicians for musicians, we want to guarantee that all of our customers have the opportunity to take full advantage of our special cheap rates. Below is all you need [...]

Leap Year DISCOUNTS all weekend!

February isn't ready to go just yet. Enjoy 15% off any and all sessions this weekend from Friday the 26th through Monday the 29th! Call us at (415) 474-9900 and mention the promo code LEAPYEAR to get yourself a cheap studio. This offer will only last for a limited time so grab your sessions while they're still available! musiccitysf

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