Need A Venue? Rent Studio 18

Calling all Bay Area musicians and beyond! Does your band need a place to play? Do you admire the DIY style and wish you could put on a "house show" style performance here in the city, but can't find a venue due to the noise ordinance? Never fear! Music City has got you covered!   Studio 18 [...]

Looking for the Best Bang for Your Buck?

Whether you've heard about it or not, Music City Rehearsal offers the best deals in the city for the working musician. As a place run by musicians for musicians, we want to guarantee that all of our customers have the opportunity to take full advantage of our special cheap rates. Below is all you need [...]

Jack Sakai: Electric Guitar & Bass

Jack Sakai is a young dedicated musician who grew up in Palo Alto California. When he was 13 he picked up the guitar and started taking lessons from local instructor Michael Finley. At age 18 he graduated from Palo Alto High School and started attending Cuesta Community College in the fall. There he would study [...]

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