Studio 2 – Premium

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With arguably our most alluring drum set and blue walls, Studio 2 tends to host a lot of Breaking Bad jokes. As a complete package, Studio 2 offers our most authentic ode to classic rock sounds. Two Vox amps, a Pearl drum kit, and Yamaha weighted keyboard form the basis of any Eagles cover.  This premium studio features dual QSC K8 active loudspeakers, QSC KSub subwoofer, 12 channel ProFX mixer, and 3 premium microphones. The all inclusive rental includes:

  • Vox AC30C2 combo guitar amplifier
  • Vox AC15C1 combo guitar amplifier
  • Ashdown combo bass amplifier
  • Yamaha P45 Weighted Digital Piano
  • 5 piece Pearl Crystal Beat acrylic drum kit

This premium studio is approximately 12’ x 15’ and suggested for the use of 4-5 band members.

Studio 2

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