Ruben Quinones: Drums & Electric Guitar

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Ruben QuinonesRuben Quinones has been playing music since 1994. He has played drums and guitar in many different bands ranging from surf, to punk, to rock, to heavy metal. He grew up in a musical family where both parents were professional singers and musicians, with dad on guitar and mom on flute. Ruben believes that music is universal to all people and if someone has a passion for performing, a bit of guidance and encouragement can help them shine. His teaching style is tailored to the student and is always evolving to incorporate new sounds and better techniques. He also has experience recording music and promoting and releasing albums online and in person.

Ruben teaches electric and acoustic guitar with melodic theory as well as drums with rhythmic theory.

Ruben can play and teach about music in many different genres, but is most fluent in: Rock, Surf, Punk, Pop, Hardcore, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Psychedelic, Thrash Metal, Emo, Doom Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Hip-Hop, Big Beat Techno, Trance, Ska, Reggae, Bluegrass, Folk, Funk, Classic Rock, and Fusion-Jazz.

Are you looking to:

  • Just get started playing music and have some fun?
  • Tune up your skills with a little extra music theory?
  • Learn some new tips and tricks for your instrument and gear?
  • Find out the secrets of how to rock like a Metal God?

Then contact Ruben today to set up a starter session!

Now accepting new students (All Skill Levels), for weekly or bi-weekly hour-long lessons.

Contact Ruben Quinones: • 213-842-6587

  • Alex Petralia

    Took some lessons from Ruben and really enjoyed them! He takes the time to figure out your style, preferences and goals. He made it fun (learning songs I've always wanted to) as well as very informative with the different technique exercises. He's also very nice, patient and flexible. Highly recommended!

  • Michael Bacigalupi

    I took lessons from Ruben for several months and found him to be highly competent guitar instructor with in-depth technique covering many different styles of music. Ruben proved to be an awesome teacher of Apple Logic Pro recording software as well. I am leaving the East Bay and will be miss our Saturday morning lessons! To summarize, Ruben is a skilled and engaging teacher; time and money well spent!

  • Stephen Gomes

    This guy is great and he's a fantastic teacher. In 11 months he got my 8 year old and my 10 year old to the point where they are jamming all their favorite songs and actually performing in front of live audiences. Both of my kids love their Thursday nights with Ruben and have said many time that he is their favorite teacher ever. If you want to get your kids going on musical instruments, give him a call your kids will love him!

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