Studio 5

Studio 5 – Medium

We've done it: we've dedicated an entire studio to the Marshall amp. Both iconic and distinct, Marshall amps are also frequently requested by many of you. Sadly, we cannot provide an entire wall of Marshall cabinets (see most '70's rock concerts), but we have repainted, laid new carpet, and added sound proofing to the highest [...]

Studio 3

Studio 3 – Medium

This medium studio features a Stereo PA: QSC K8 loudspeaker, EAW wedge monitor, Mackie ProFX12 12-channel mixer, and 2 microphones, as well as a fully-mirrored wall. The all inclusive rental includes: Fender Blues Junior 15W amplifier Fender Hot Rod DeVille III 212 guitar amplifier Ampeg BA-115 bass amplifier 5-piece Yamaha drum set w/ cymbals This medium [...]

Studio 6

Studio 6 – Premium

This premium studio features dual wall mounted QSC K12 active loud speakers, an Alto 122fx mixing console and 3 premium microphones. The all inclusive rental includes: Bad Cat Hot Cat 15 guitar amplifier Bad Cat Hot Cat 30R guitar amplifier Ashdown MAG 420 Bass amplifier KORG SP170S Weighted Digital Piano This premium studio is approximately [...]