Vox Amps

Vox – The Beatle’s Go-To Amp

If you’ve been making guitar amps since 1957, you’re probably in the beginning stages of planning a 60th anniversary party that is well deserved. In 1957, Vox founder Dick Denney began working with JMI to produce a long-sustaining amplifier for guitar players, which lead to the iconic AC15. As 1960’s Rock ‘n’ Roll grew, so did [...]

5/21 @ Neck of the Woods: Hibbity Dibbity // Down Dirty Shake // Hungry Skinny + Many more!

If you've been finding yourself in short supply of great local music lately, you can catch a slew of it this Saturday, 5/21, at Neck of the Woods- featuring performances by Hibbity Dibbity, Down Dirty Shake, Hungry Skinny, and many many more bands. It's the 2nd Annual Bellyman's Ball thrown by Hibbity Dibbity and hosted on 2 stages by one [...]

Studio 4

$5 Sessions!

On a budget? Come jam anytime between 11 am and 1 pm on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday for just 5 DOLLARS! This rate is good for any small or medium room. Book online or call us today at (415) 474-9900! Walk-in's are also welcome. You can click here for a description of each studio. We're [...]