Steve Smyth

Steve Smyth Guitar Lessons

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Steve Smyth has been teaching professionally since 1986, a career that has seen him span from private teaching 40-60 students weekly in the Bay Area for for nearly 20 years (1989-2006), before relocating to London, England, to beginning a music college teaching career that has spanned nearly a decade, and seen Steve receive a PGCE [...]

Piano Lessons

Piano Instructors

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Music City aims to generate a community of working musicians by providing affordable resources- including piano lessons - to Bay Area artists.  We host several instructors who use our studios to teach a wide array of instruments, including keyboards/piano.  Their vast knowledge will help guide you through the learning process, tailoring each lesson to your [...]

Guitar Lessons

Guitar and Bass Lessons at Music City

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Music City SF provides quality resources for working musicians in the Bay Area - including guitar lessons or bass lessons.  With influences ranging from eastern music to rock and roll, our diverse community hosts several guitar and bass instructors that will taylor lessons to your particular learning style.  Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, [...]

Vocal Lessons

Voice Lessons at Music City

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Music City hosts a wide array of voice lessons from instructors with many backgrounds.  Their influences range from rock and roll to opera and are open to any level of experience and dedication. Whether you want to sound good in the shower or have professional aspirations, we have the right teachers for you. With their [...]

Drum lessons

Drum Lessons at Music City

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Music City aims to provide quality, affordable resources for Bay Area working musicians, including drum lessons.  We host a wide array of drum instructors offering lessons to any age, experience level, and dedication.  Whether you want to learn simple grooves or master complex techniques, we have teachers to help you find your way.  Our space [...]